Film director Erik Poppe takes on Jon Fosse adaptation

Norwegian news in english: This fall, film director Erik Poppe will commence shooting the film for which Jon Fosse penned the script 26 years ago. According to Screen Daily, filming for "Bad Moon Rising," which is the working title, will begin in the second week of September this year – at locations in Western Norway.

«This is Jon’s first and only film script, written in 1998. It has been on the edge of my desk since then,» Poppe tells the industry magazine. He mentions that there have hardly been any changes to the original script he received from Jon Fosse.

The story follows a couple from their first encounter, through a relationship that also gives them a son, to their divorce – and how they handle it. It’s «a timeless piece,» says the filmmaker, who intends to give it a contemporary setting.

Erik Poppe is in Berlin at the film market to secure additional financing and is awaiting feedback from the Norwegian Film Institute to see what they can contribute.

The filmmaker believes the increased focus on Fosse’s works following the Nobel Prize in Literature makes it the right time to bring this «unknown gem» of a script to the world.

«The fact that Jon wrote this unknown script has surprised many. It was almost like a sensation when we met people in Berlin. I want to capture the essence, the soul of Jon’s voice, and preserve it,» promises Poppe, who will produce «Bad Moon Rising» through his production company, Paradox.

According to the director, Jon Fosse fully supports the film plan. Now it’s a matter of finding filming locations – and actors. At the same time, Poppe is finishing the film «Quisling,» which he hopes to have ready for a potential release in Cannes in May.