Fashion-giant Zalando removes misleading advertising from the entire EU-area

Norwegian news in english: Fashion giant Zalando is removing misleading climate and environmental claims from its website across the entire EU/EEA area.

Zalando is one of the largest players in Europe within fashion and textiles. For several years, the company has used various climate and environmental claims in its marketing.

The Consumer Authority writes in a press release that these claims have left a misleading impression that many of Zalando’s products do not have a negative impact on the environment, or that the products have less negative impact than similar products.

Because of this, the Consumer Authority initiated a joint, European supervisory case at the EU level. The conclusion was that Zalando’s claims about climate and environmental benefits were misleading and therefore prohibited.

«The claims made by businesses in marketing must always have solid documentation. Here, it is especially important that businesses do not mix up certification schemes with claims about climate and environmental benefits. The fact that something is certified is not always evidence that it is better for the environment. The company must have this documentation in addition,» says director Trond Rønningen of the Consumer Authority.

Zalando has committed to making several changes to remove the misleading marketing. These changes are to be implemented by April 15, 2024.