Viaplay announces that they will launch an ad-supported subscription

Norwegian news in english: Viaplay has announced that they will launch a streaming subscription with advertisements sometime during the year. At the same time, they will make it more difficult to share a subscription with others.

The plans for the new streaming subscription were revealed when the company presented its results for the fourth quarter of last year on Thursday, as reported by Kampanje.

«We are working to expand our digital offerings as quickly as possible,» said CEO Jørgen Madsen Lindemann.

The streaming company is thus following in the footsteps of TV 2, Disney+, and SkyShowtime, all of which have launched or plan to launch streaming subscriptions at a discounted price in exchange for ad views. According to Kampanje, it is also expected that Warner Bros, Discovery, and Max will have an ad-supported option when they launch in Norway this year.

Viaplay lost nearly 40,000 subscriptions in the Nordic region in the fourth quarter, while simultaneously raising prices. Their hope is that an ad-supported variant can reverse this trend and increase the company’s advertising revenue.

At the same time, Viaplay’s CEO announces measures to crack down on password sharing outside of one’s own household, similar to Netflix.

«It’s something we’re looking at, and we’re learning as much as we can from them. This is something we want to roll out already this year,» he said.