Power company fears that someone has deliberately damaged high-voltage lines

Norwegian news in english: The power company Elinett in Romsdal fears that someone has deliberately damaged high-voltage lines in the district.

Someone has used a chainsaw on a tree that had fallen over the line. On Sunday, Elinett was contacted by a private individual who had seen a tree lying against the high-voltage line between Vorpenes farm and Fjordhotellet in Eidsvågen in the municipality of Molde.

«The tree had been sawn with a chainsaw and there were fresh sawdust on the ground. So, this was not a tree that had fallen due to natural causes,» says Even Blakstad of Elinett to Romsdals Budstikke.

«We simply fear that we have been subjected to sabotage,» Blakstad tells the newspaper.

Elinett experiences annually that individuals accidentally fell trees on the lines, but this case stands out. Now they want tips from people who may have seen something related to the incident, which was reported on Sunday, February 18th.

«A tree lying in contact with a high-voltage line poses a great risk and can be life-threatening for people and animals coming into contact with the tree,» he says.

Elinett is headquartered in Molde and is responsible for the power grid for approximately 32,700 customers in the municipalities of Molde, Hustadvika, Aukra, and Gjemnes.