Magnus Abelvik Rød leaves Kolstad after the season – heads to Hungarian handball

Norwegian news in english: Magnus Abelvik Rød (26) does not extend his contract with Kolstad and will be playing for Hungarian Szeged from the summer onwards. The national team profile's transfer is confirmed by Szeged on Instagram.

«I’m very excited to join you next season. See you soon,» says Rød in a video message.

TV 2 was the first in Norway to report the news.

Szeged has increased their investment and plays in Kolstad’s group in the Champions League. The Hungarian team advances from the group stage with two rounds remaining, while the Trondheim team needs a small miracle to secure advancement.

It has long been expected that Rød would leave Kolstad after just one season with the club. He played for German Flensburg-Handewitt from 2017 to 2023.

In the European Championship in January, Rød suffered a fracture in his midfoot and will be out for a few months.