Gray and windy winter vacation weekend ahead – could lead to difficult driving conditions

Norwegian news in english: There are few bright spots to be found from the Meteorological Institute before the last winter vacation weekend for some and the first for others. I

It will be gray, wet, and windy. The big winter vacation weekend does not show its best weather side. The weekend starts with a storm over large parts of the country. Clouds, precipitation, and wind are the prevailing conditions, according to the state meteorologist.

«There are quite large contrasts from south to north. It will be windy from Trøndelag and northward, with periods of expected gale-force winds from Stad to Troms. In Eastern Norway, there is expected to be low cloud cover with scattered rain or snow,» meteorologist Unni Nilssen tells NTB.

Nilssen explains that the snow line will be between 200 and 500 meters above sea level in large parts of Southern Norway, with some small variations.

Slippery roads could cause trouble In some parts of the mountain areas in Southern Norway, temperatures will hover around the freezing point. This could lead to difficult driving conditions.

«When the temperature is around zero, there is a risk of slippery roads, and one must expect challenging driving conditions. I envision that there could be challenging driving conditions in the mountains of Southern Norway in the days ahead,» says Nilssen.

In the popular cabin destination of Trysil, both precipitation and fluctuating temperatures are forecasted. The meteorologist believes it could be challenging on the roads in this area.

Better weather towards the end of the weekend In the search for a few bright spots, Nilssen can say that the weather will improve towards the end of the weekend.

«In Oslo, there may be glimpses of sun on Sunday afternoon.»

Nilssen says to expect a chilly start in Eastern Norway with temperatures below freezing in several places. She reminds that it is still February, and winter cannot be completely dismissed yet.